Aerial Winch Lifter

Aerial Winch Lifters are used to Lift equipment on construction sites such as Air Conditioning Units, Ducting, Gyprock and other roofing materials lift height to 5000mm and capacity to 350kg

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Aerial Winch Lifter / Duct Lifter 3500mm 350kg

Part No: EW-WL3500
3.5m Duct Lifter / Aerial winch lifter is a perfect for air conditioning and duct installs work with 3500kg.
$2,410.00 excl GST

Aerial Winch Lifter-/ Duct Lifter 3.5m Lift 350kg

Part No: EW-S3535
3.5m Duct Lifter / Aerial Winch Lifter is a perfect for air conditioning and duct installs work, Lifts loads to greater heights of 3.5m, New addition stabilizer legs for extra stability.
$2,410.00 excl GST

Duct Lift / Aerial Winch Lifter 5000mm 300kg

Part No: EW-WL5000
This 5 metre lift height Duct Lifter / Winch Lifter is an easy lifter to manoeuvre, it is perfect for getting objects like air conditioners up to heights.
$2,670.00 excl GST

Duct Lifter / Aerial Winch Work Platform Trolley 3.5m 350kg

Part No: EW-MER35
EW-MER35 Duct Lifter / Aerial Work Platform Trolley. Designed and Manufactured to meet the highest demand applications industries have to offer.
$2,750.00 excl GST

Duct Lifter / Winch Lifter 300kg 5000mm

Part No: EW-MER50
Duct Lift / Winch Lifter with 300kg lift capacity and 5000mm lift height with stock available Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth
$3,470.00 excl GST