Electric Platform Trolley 630mm Wide

Part No: NS-TT630

The ELECTRIC PLATFORM TROLLEY is a very simple to operate alternative ideally suited to an even indoor floor surface in factories, warehouses, distribution centres etc. Ergonomically designed speed and braking controls for ease of use.
$2,830.00 excl tax


Fitted with a 500W motor to suit all requirements while the two 12V33Ah batteries are recharged via a 70w controller by simply plugging into a 240 volt outlet. Charging time approx 8.5 hours.

The use of a motorized trolley can save time and effort while increasing productivity and safety.


Products specifications
Overall Dimensions 1275 x 630 x 1080mm
Platform Size (L x W) 100 x 630mm
Capacity (Kg) 500kg
Unit Weight (Kg) 100kg
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