Forklift Mounted Wheelie Bin Tipper for 1 Wheelie Bin

Part No: EW-NWB-T1

Suitable for emptying 240 litre plastic wheelie bins. The bin is wheeled into the Tipper and secured with safety chains.
$1,140.00 excl GST

Suitable for emptying 1 x single 240 litre plastic wheelie bin. The bin is wheeled into the forklift mounted tipper and secured with safety chains. The 180 degree tipping operation is simple and safe with the operator never having to leave the seat during the tipping cycle.

The finish on the Wheelie Bin Tipper is enamel painted.

Suitable for most Class 2 Forklifts and all 240 litres wheelie bins.

Large model for 2 x wheelie bins also available

Products specifications
SWL (kg)500
Load Centre (mm)1200
Pocket Size (mm)165 x 65
Pocket Centres (mm)340
Rotation (degrees)180
Horizontal Centre of Gravity (mm)720
Vertical Centre of Gravity (mm)90
Length (mm)1167
Height (mm)860
Width (mm)610
Unit Weight (Kg)100